Of Theatre and Cultural Stages: Theatricality and Jewishness in fin-de-siècle Vienna

The dissertation project takes a look at the negotiations of Jewishness, both on- and offstage, in fin-de-Siècle Vienna. Putting an emphasis on Vienna as a nucleus of diverse knowledges around 1900, the research centers the mutual relationship between theatre traditions of different provenance, and links them to the discussions about “Eastern” and “Western” Jewry. By exploring how Jewishness was performed on stage and perceived beyond the scenes, the project connects concepts of theatricality with the European Jewish experiences of Modernity in a broader context. In doing so, the project outlines a multilayered framework from a theatre historical perspective, attempting an alternative mapping of fin-de-Siècle Vienna, where high culture and popular culture, theatre stage and public sphere, interlock gradually. It aims for a narrative that simultaneously sheds a light on European-Jewish history and on concepts of self-construction in the Viennese Modern Age.

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